Security Primer

Proactive and Reactive Security

While reactive security measures are a foundational part of any business, proactive security measures have been increasing in popularity due to recent technological advancements in the security industry. Reactive security measures are those used to respond to a crime after it occurs, but proactive security measures seek to prevent the crime from ever occurring. Reactive and proactive […]

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Alarm Systems

An alarm system is an integral part of every retail establishment, but it is especially important for cannabis businesses. Though the requirements may be similar, regulations regarding alarm systems for cannabis businesses are different in every state. In addition to differing state guidelines, the cost, quality, and functionality of alarm systems can vary greatly. It is important

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Video Surveillance Systems

Most cannabis businesses are already equipped with video surveillance cameras, either for regulatory compliance or added security. Surveillance cameras are great for deterring crime, monitoring facilities, and investigating incidences, but their use is even more beneficial when combined with video analytics. Video analytics for cannabis businesses provide valuable insights that lead to smarter business decisions

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Access Control Points

The use of access control in cannabis business security is nothing new. Let’s take a door, lock, and key for example. In this scenario, the door is the access control point, the lock is the physical form of access control being used, and the key is the credential which allows access to the access control

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Secure Cash Handling

Cannabis has yet to be legalized federally and is still classified by the DEA as a ‘Schedule 1’ drug. Due to this classification, federally regulated banks often refuse to house the earnings of cannabis dispensaries for fear of losing their license to legally operate. This presents a challenge for dispensaries in states where cannabis has

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Secure Storage

Although storage is important for any business, it is especially important for businesses in cannabis and other high-risk industries. Any business that handles high-value products can be susceptible to theft without adequate secure storage procedures, but cannabis is also prone to deterioration when stored improperly. When designing and building out a cannabis facility, cannabis security experts

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Employee Policies and Training

While most cannabis business owners believe that external robberies or burglaries are their greatest threat, internal employee theft is actually one of the biggest interrupters in the growth and success of a business. One way to prevent and deter internal theft is to create and implement a Culture of Honesty. An employee Culture of Honesty ensures that the

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