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Introduction to Cannabis Security Demo Course

Starting with the application, through construction, and into operation, security remains a crucial component of a successful cannabis business. Whether you're a cannabis veteran or just starting out, this course will get you up to speed on the role of security in the cannabis industry.


Security Training for Cannabis Dispensaries: Full Training Program

This comprehensive security training program for dispensaries includes a range of courses targeting key areas of cannabis dispensary operations, such as Loss Prevention, Facility Security, and Payment/Identification Verification. Designed to address common risks and losses within cannabis dispensary operations, this training program aims to elevate operational standards and employee capabilities.


Loss Prevention for Cannabis Dispensaries Course

In this course, cannabis dispensary managers and employees will learn how they can help protect their store from losses, including armed robbery, internal theft, shoplifting, and fraud.


Facility Security for Cannabis Dispensaries Course

In this unit, dispensary employees will learn how to protect their store's property and manage its premises. By understanding basic security principles, employees will gain the knowledge they need to support their dispensary's property security strategy and discourage crime from occurring.


Payment and Identification Verification for Cannabis Dispensaries

Cannabis dispensary employees will learn how to authenticate cash and identification cards, as well as how to identify fraudulent forms of payment or identification and respond to their attempted use. Employees will also learn cash management standards for dispensaries, including cash counting, handling, and storage.


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