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An industry-leading security company backed by years of experience and best-in-class services.

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Acknowledged as the industry’s oldest and most experienced cannabis security consultancy, we help clients through business licensure, build-out, and the implementation of security training and SOPs to ensure long-term success.

With over 800 clients in 37 states and Canada with an average score of 96%, we can help you succeed not only in training your dispensary but in all stages of securing your business.

Let Our Security Experts Power Your Training Program

With clients in over 37 U.S. states and Canada, our security consultants have trained thousands of professionals in the cannabis, pawn, jewelry, and retail industries.

Sapphire Risk Advisory Group

With over 100 years of combined security experience, Sapphire Risk is the oldest licensed cannabis security consultancy in the United States. We specialize in helping clients achieve their dream of winning a cannabis business license, building out a secure facility, and implementing security training and SOPs to ensure long-term success.

No matter the space, we can save your cannabis business time and money while securing your property.

We are your trusted security firm for: Dispensaries, Cultivators, Processors, Distributors, Consultants, Lawyers, and Investors.

Our Achievements and Awards

What We Do

“Training is the Foundation of Your Security Program.”

Phase One: Licensing

Our professionally written security plans have helped win hundreds of cannabis business licenses nationwide with an average score of 96%. When every point counts, stick with experts you can trust to win even the most competitive licenses.

  • Security Plans
  • Security Floor Plan Design
  • Presentations to Local Government and Law Enforcement

Phase Two: Build-Out

Let us save you time and money by guiding you through the RFP (Request for Proposal) process for your cannabis business build-out. Our security experts will design your facility’s physical security and connect you with trusted vendors and integrators to protect your business from security threats.

  • Managing the Security RFP (Request for Proposal) Process
  • Physical Security Design

Phase Three: Operations

Whether you have one license or multiple, our scalable operational security services reduce the risk of theft, diversion, and loss. With security offerings that grow with your business, we will secure your long-term success through any security challenge.

  • On-Site Risk Assessments
  • Cannabis Business Employee Security Training
  • Security Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • POS Exception Reporting
  • Security Expert Witness Services